Advertising by Design Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media

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A real-world introduction to advertising design and art direction, updated and revised for today's industry

The newly revised Fourth Edition of Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media delivers an invigorating and cutting-edge take on concept generation, art direction, design, and media channels for advertising. The book offers principles, theories, step-by-step instructions, and advice from esteemed experts to guide you through the fundamentals of advertising design and the creative process.

With a fresh focus on building a coherent brand campaign through storytelling across all media channels, Advertising by Design shows you how to conceive ideas based on strategy, build brands with compelling advertising, and encourage social media participation. You'll also get insights from guest essays and interviews with world-leading creatives in the advertising industry.

The book is filled with practical case studies that show real-world applications. You’ll also benefit from coverage of

A quick start guide to advertising A thorough introduction to what advertising is, including its purpose, categories, forms, media channels, social media listening, and its creators Creative thinking strategies and how to generate ideas based on creative briefs Utilizing brand archetypes and creating unique branded content Composition by design, including the parts of an ad, the relationship between images and copy, basic design principles, and points of view How to build a brand narrative in the digital age Copywriting how-to's for art directors and designers Experiential advertising An examination of digital design, including subsections on the basics of mobile and desktop website design, motion, digital branding, and social media design Perfect for students and instructors of advertising design, art direction, graphic design, communication design, and copywriting, Advertising by Design also will earn a place in the libraries of business owners, executives, managers, and employees whose work requires them to understand and execute on branding initiatives, advertising campaigns, and other customer-facing content.

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Titre Advertising by Design - Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media
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