Geographic Information Science for Land Resource Management

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Geographic Information Science for Land Resource Management is a comprehensive book focusing on managing land resources using innovative techniques of spatial information sciences and satellite remote sensing. The enormous stress on the land resources over the years due to anthropogenic activities for commercialization and livelihood needs has increased manifold. The only solution to this problem lies in the stakeholders' awareness, which can only be attained through scientific means. The awareness is the basis of the sustainable development concept, which involves optimal management of natural resources, subject to the availability of reliable, accurate, and timely information from the global to local scales.

GIScience consists of satellite remote sensing (RS), Geographical Information System (GIS), and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that is nowadays a backbone of environmental protection, natural resource management, and sustainable development and planning. Being a powerful and proficient tool for mapping, monitoring, modeling, and managing natural resources can help understand the earth's surface and its dynamics at different observational scales. Through the spatial understanding of land resources, policymakers can make prudent decisions to restore and conserve critically endangered resources, such as water bodies, lakes, rivers, air, forests, wildlife, biodiversity, etc.

This innovative new volume contains chapters from eminent researchers and experts. The primary focus of this book is to replenish the gap in the available literature on the subject by bringing the concepts, theories, and experiences of the specialists and professionals in this field jointly. The editors have worked hard to get the best literature in this field in a book form to help the students, researchers, and policymakers develop a complete understanding of the land system's vulnerabilities and solutions.

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Titre Geographic Information Science for Land Resource Management
Editeur Wiley-Scrivener
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Date de publication 17/06/2021

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