Summer School & After School, The Ponygirl Omnibus Edition

éditeur : Pink Flamingo Publications
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This twobook volume presents the trials and misfortunes of Dori Hammond and Lucy von Holt. Both are young, well educated and in trouble. In Summer School, Dori takes a summer course in equestrian technique and finds herself learning more about horses and riding than she ever imagined, including how the horse feels! The school is not just dedicated to training young women to ride, but also has a charter to train the riders to become horses and ponies themselves. Methodically, using unique and persistent techniques from the "Old School," Dori and her companions are slowly turned into human ponies while exposed to mechanical horses, automatic devices, strict restraint by rope and chain, enemas, suspensions, floggings, impalement and the heartless confinement in the school's cellars and barns. Crossgender and lesbian sex play an active role in the school's curriculum. Those who resist discover the descending levels of Hell from schoolroom to farm to the final depths of degradation and squalor in Swineland. Dori volunteered and signed a binding legal contract for the school, but she is not alone in questioning the methods of the Head Mistress and her staff. Dori witnesses the arrival of Lucy von Holt, who disappeared from a European ICE train and sent to the school by her disenchanted, deviant Dutch boyfriend, Fabian. In After School, we follow Lucy's journey from being a rich and privileged German socialite to becoming a sex toy in a Bulgarian convent where the clergy and guests take full advantage of their captives and their bodies. Trained in pony life in the riding school and in total submission by the evil sisters, Lucy is then sent to a hidden mine deep in central Asia to work as a draft pony. Back home in Germany, her industrialist father, not without considerable influence, hires gorgeous Berlin detectives, Bibi Lynx and Jean Groff, to find his daughter. While on Lucy's trail, Bibi and Jean find themselves as guests of Fabian. They join his Greenhouse supply of toy women in Prague and eventually "hung up," sealed inside rubber skins for his entertainment. They are screwed, literally and figuratively, as Fabian plays host at a gala for his morally vacant and corrupt friends. The future looks black for all of them while Fabian celebrates at their expense.

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Titre Summer School & After School, The Ponygirl Omnibus Edition
Editeur Pink Flamingo Publications
Langue FR
Date de publication 18/01/2016

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