The Train

éditeur : Pink Flamingo Publications
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After graduating high school, Kelli Templeton, flees a dysfunctional family in New York City for California. While on the train, she befriends John Thompson and adult movie producer Promus McGee, who entice her to become their playmate. They take her to Laura’s Place during a stopover in DC for her sexual training. Soon, the newly minted submissive is having sex with the black train conductor, teaching a virgin college student about the joys of sex, then performing him and multiple partners. Later, she’s purchased by wealthy, Emeritus CEO, Fitzhugh Aloysius Wellington Sand III and housed in a Bordello in Utah. It’s clear that she’s fallen prey to Mistress Laura, the handsome Aloysius Sand and their plans for her. What was a grand sexual adventure at the outset has become a nightmare filled with debauchery and mind blowing servitude. The only question is; who will finally claim her, John Thompson, Promus McGee, Laura? Or will Aloysius Sand save her from them all? Service to another, once ignited, becomes a way of life, and to be owned becomes her crusade. This is the story of a young woman’s awakening to the pleasures of sadistic enslavement and her submission to masochistic need.

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Titre The Train
Editeur Pink Flamingo Publications
Langue FR
Date de publication 25/09/2020

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