Downward Spiral

éditeur : Pink Flamingo Publications
catégories : Littérature érotique > Romans, Littérature érotique
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Femdom Erotica. It’s just a cuff, gag, blindfold, a few coils of rope and a whip. But when Tom Roberts arrives home to find that his wife Margo has discovered his secret stash of bondage gear – his handcuffs dangling from her fingers – he notes her sly little smile. She’s not upset, but rather intrigued by the thought of tying up him and playing kinky sex games. When she tries things out that night, she’s excited and so is he! Tom has read bondage stories on the internet and dreamed of being a slave. He’s wanted to be tied down and have a mistress do to him all those brutal things he’s read about – the more painful the better. Yet, until that night, the idea of being a slave to a sadistic Mistress has only been a fantasy. Other than a little selfbondage, his desires have remained a deep, dark fetish in his mind. Little does he know that with his wife in command, his masochistic fantasies will become a reality – and his worst nightmare! He goes from having the ideal, happy life to wallowing around in the slop at the very bottom of the barrel. A wise man once said, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it all!”

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Titre Downward Spiral
Editeur Pink Flamingo Publications
Langue FR
Date de publication 24/09/2020

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Ean EPUB 9781945648212
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