Mistress of Shadows

éditeur : Pink Flamingo Publications
catégories : Littérature érotique > Romans, Littérature érotique
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"Know that other ladies will also train you, use you. But be warned, slave Kyle, any report I get that you didn't give the utmost and I will be most displeased. And then you'll find out just how much your domina is a bitch." Thus cautioned, Kyle submits to Emory, a woman who has appeared in his dreams and who possesses powers of domination beyond the physical world. But as Kyle endures the tests of the Haven, a mysterious place of leather clad women and their slaves not on any map, not all is at it seems. There is another place only whispered about by the dominant ladies, where Lilith holds sway in the underworld, and where Kyle goes due to the secret machinations of yet a more powerful mistress. This mistress the others call the Domina, the goddess whom allowed Kyle entrance to the Haven, and whom Kyle must ultimately submit to, if he ever wants to be reunited with his beloved Emory.

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Titre Mistress of Shadows
Editeur Pink Flamingo Publications
Langue FR
Date de publication 25/09/2020

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Ean EPUB 9781945648762
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