The Training of Dog and its Psychology

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This book deals with the training of Dog and the Psychology of the animal.

“Dogs are not filthy in their habits, but some people who keep them are, and others do not understand what is required to enable a dog to follow his instincts of cleanliness. Where a dog has once been to respond to Nature's call, he tends to visit again, and this is a guide to enable us to avail of natural instinct to enable us to maintain cleanly surroundings. The same general principles apply when dogs are taken afield to be worked on some sort of game. At first the puppy may run toward almost every form of life he sees. This is natural, and he would not be worth his keeping if he did not show some such tendency to investigate the world about him...”

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Titre The Training of Dog and its Psychology
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Editeur Literature and Knowledge Publishing
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Date de publication 12/04/2018
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