A Minute a Day to Feel the Sun Even If It Doesn't Shine

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- Me:“Do you have a minute? “

- You:“Could you make it quick? I’m really swamped right now.”

- Me:“Actually, the timing is perfect. I’d like to talk to you about the sun.”

- You:“You want to talk about the weather?”

- Me:“Even better, feeling the sun even if it doesn’t shine.”

- You:“That sounds interesting, but what is the Shine Button?”

- Me:“It’s all common sense. We all have a little light within us just waiting to shine. We can choose to make it shine. We can stock up on it to see clearly when everything seems dark. We can share our light with others who are in need or just for the joy of sharing?!”

- You:“You mean, we can create our own solar energy?!”

- Me:“Absolutely! We can adopt a beneficial state of mind to better live our lives, overcome obstacles and weather the storms.”

This book could also be called “In Search of My Lost Light.” After growing up in Africa, Juliette Dumas lost the sun in her life and in the sky. One day, as a result of an urgent need and intense desire, she created a state of mind that changed everything and brought the sun back into her life. This is what she calls the Shine State of Mind. This book shares everything she has learned and gathered from her life experiences. It’s a pocket companion filled with inspirational bright ideas.

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Titre A Minute a Day to Feel the Sun Even If It Doesn't Shine
Editeur Editions Kawa
Langue EN
Date de publication 22/11/2018
Nombre de pages 108

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