The tree and forests of the republic democratic of congo: global pearls to protect with peace

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The tree and forests of the DRC: Global pearls to protect with peace, for your tree culture ! From an etymological point of view, and even in Indo-European languages, the tree is taken for a feminine being because it is the mother of fruits. From its benefits, I have come to a conclusion that, more than the legendary Prometheus, the tree remains an eternal hero to the living, and even to the dead. Overall, the tree is an ignored marvel! To touch the hearts that are still human, a plea for a green peace in the DRC is part of this book. Why endless climate change alerts alongside wars that cause disgust for conservation of the forest and the nature ? Since trees or forests intervene in the rainfall regime and are also the irreplaceable guardians of the world’s climactic, biological and hydrous balance, one can deduce that Egypt is rather the gift of the DRC’s trees and forests. If, through photosynthesis, the friendship of the tree goes further than the place where it is planted, the States of the world have it for a duty to watch closely or from afar, directly or indirectly, from here or elsewhere, for the protection through peace of the trees and forests of the DRC !

Lawyer practicing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Me MUHINDO MULUMBI Jackson is registered with the North-Kivu Bar Association. He is Advisor to the Provincial Minister in charge of Environmental issues. He is bearer of a certificate and a medal awarded to him at the end of the first edition of the 2010 International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition, organised by the ICRC, the Belgian Red Cross and the Francophonie.

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Titre The tree and forests of the republic democratic of congo: global pearls to protect with peace
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