The Louvre Murder Club (Scènes de crime au Louvre version anglaise)

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Welcome to the Louvre, a universe where on canvas, in marble or clay – in every nook of the museum – murder is present...

The Louvre Murder Club investigates and interprets a choice of some thirty artworks by applying the principles of criminology and art history for a unique "criminartistic' analysis. All come from very different styles and periods. But all – from ancient Greek amphorae to nineteenth-century French paintings, from canvases by Rubens to those by Delacroix, David or Ingres – have one thing in common: they depict mythological or historical murders, their protagonists and their stories.

Each work will be treated as a crime scene and will lead to a fascinating investigation inspired by the principles of legal and forensic teams. Into what category does the murder fall? What are the factual and historical issues? Who are the victims? What portrait can be drawn of the guilty? What is their profile, their background, their motive? Bringing the truth to light will depend on the unexpected answers given to these questions.

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Titre The Louvre Murder Club (Scènes de crime au Louvre version anglaise)
Editeur Passage
Collection Beaux Arts
Langue FR
Date de publication 27/04/2017

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