What Kind of Medicine for Tomorow?

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We are currently experiencing a change of therapeutic paradigm, from the current chemistry (it’s been 20 years since a new molecule was marketed) to an individualized gene therapy via the stimulation or replacement of deficient genes. But results in this field are still counted on the fingers of only one hand...
Our original app roach is not far from that because:
1. it systematizes organic disorders by the Hippocratic notion of “backgrounds” (genetic weakness),
2. then, it studies within these different backgrounds the wide biological markers’ behaviour which enables us to understand better the progression of our health condition and the necessary corrections to make.
Thanks to the Health and Nutrition Profile, we are identifying within the serum protein (truth genome expression) the various regulations’ deficiencies and we are able to offer by the calculations based on medical data, a tissue therapy (vegetal, animal and/or mineral) with a perfectly tailored correction.
Plants which are our furthest cousins (we have a shared ancestor: the prokaryote), have developed specific regulation skills to survive in temperatures conditions, in hygrometry conditions, in soil poverty conditions and to predators’ attacks, etc. Thus, each plant has increased specific skills observable in its forms, colours, tastes, odours, vegetal cycle... It will be medicinal for the human being who through his disease will have lost the corresponding regulations. When we are prescribing a plant (or its salts and essences) on these grounds, we are not prescribing a symptomatic therapeutic but real “vegetal tissue transplantation” with often amazing regulation effects.
Françoise and J. Yves HENRY have been passionate for more than 30 years about this tool of “holistic” understanding of the living being and for the obtained results thanks to simple, ecological, economical means. They are inviting you to share this thinking with them on their website:

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