Storied Doctorates Studying Environmental Sustainability Education Internationally

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This book brings together the diverse narratives of researchers’ personalized stories about the process of doing doctoral research (PhD) in the field of Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) and about the life after the completion of such life-forming experience. The narratives go beyond the academic to discuss the different ways in which doctoral study in the field of environmental and sustainability education is experienced at the personal and professional level. Contributors are located in different countries in Europe, Australasia and Latin America. The different countries that the authors write from matters because it contextualizes both the process of studying environmental and sustainability education and the way in which this is experienced at a time when the world has become increasingly conscientized towards environmental challenges. As such the book is appreciated by established and emerging scholars in this field and in related fields around the world. Readers are presented with a comprehensive volume ideal for aspiring ESE researchers, supervisors, policy-makers and practitioners.

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Titre Storied Doctorates - Studying Environmental Sustainability Education Internationally
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Date de publication 07/09/2021

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