Functional Analysis in Interdisciplinary Applications—II ICAAM, Lefkosa, Cyprus, September 6–9, 2018

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Functional analysis is an important branch of mathematical analysis which deals with the transformations of functions and their algebraic and topological properties. Motivated by their large applicability to real life problems, applications of functional analysis have been the aim of an intensive study effort in the last decades, yielding significant progress in the theory of functions and functional spaces, differential and difference equations and boundary value problems, differential and integral operators and spectral theory, and mathematical methods in physical and engineering sciences. The present volume is devoted to these investigations.
The publication of this collection of papers is based on the materials of the mini-symposium "Functional Analysis in Interdisciplinary Applications" organized in the framework of the Fourth International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICAAM 2018, September 6–9, 2018). Presenting a wide range of topics and results, this book will appeal to anyone working in the subject area, including researchers and students interested to learn more about different aspects and applications of functional analysis. Many articles are written by experts from around the world, strengthening international integration in the fields covered. The contributions to the volume, all peer reviewed, contain numerous new results.
This volume contains four different chapters. The first chapter contains the contributed papers focusing on various aspects of the theory of functions and functional spaces. The second chapter is devoted to the research on difference and differential equations and boundary value problems. The third chapter contains the results of studies on differential and integral operators and on the spectral theory. The fourth chapter is focused on the simulation of problems arising in real-world applications of applied sciences.

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Titre Functional Analysis in Interdisciplinary Applications—II - ICAAM, Lefkosa, Cyprus, September 6–9, 2018
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