Handbook of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Law

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This book addresses an important and relatively neglected topic in the scientific literature: individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who have dealings with the legal system. It examines issues and implications for autistic people, who have a significant risk for engagement with the legal system in some capacity (e.g., witness/bystander, victim, or perpetrator).
Key areas of coverage include:Autistic people as victims and perpetrators of criminal activities, including violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, and cybercrime. Risks for unlawful behavior in individuals with autism and Asperger's. Legal assessment issues, such as witness protection and postconviction diagnoses. Legal outcomes for autistic people, including case law, prevention, service provisions in correctional settings, and rights and support systems.
The Handbook of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Law is an essential, comprehensive resource that explores the risk for unlawful behaviors affecting autistitc people as victims and perpetrators, as well as related issues of assessment and treatment, and outcome. It is a must-have reference for researchers, clinicians/practitioners, and graduate students in psychology, psychiatry, social work, and law, as well as professionals in such related fields, as criminology/criminal justice and the legal system.

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Titre Handbook of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Law
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