The Future of Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

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The objective of this book is to provide a critical analysis of the present prevention strategies for breast cancer, emphasizing the cost benefits and quality of life of the patient.

Rooted in the present knowledge of breast cancer biology and prevention and treatment options, the book will describe the future tools that could be available to oncologists and how these new approaches may change the landscape of recurrence and survival of the disease.

Special emphasis will be given to the prevention strategies counterposing the present limitations and conflicting prevention guidelines for both hereditary and preventive non-hereditary breast cancer, and propose how the implementation of new strategies based on the present knowledge could save millions of lives and be more cost efficient.

The book will present a critical status of the treatment and prevention of breast cancer and detail how a quantum leap could be achieved in the field by applying present basic research knowledge to clinical application.

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Titre The Future of Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Editeur Springer
Langue EN
Date de publication 27/07/2021

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