Advances in Matrix Inequalities

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This self-contained monograph unifies theorems, applications and problem solving techniques of matrix inequalities. In addition to the frequent use of methods from Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Global Analysis, Linear Algebra, Approximations Theory, Difference and Functional Equations and more, the reader will also appreciate techniques of classical analysis and algebraic arguments, as well as combinatorial methods. Subjects such as operator Young inequalities, operator inequalities for positive linear maps, operator inequalities involving operator monotone functions, norm inequalities, inequalities for sector matrices are investigated thoroughly throughout this book which provides an account of a broad collection of classic and recent developments. Detailed proofs for all the main theorems and relevant technical lemmas are presented, therefore interested graduate and advanced undergraduate students will find the book particularly accessible. In addition to several areas of theoretical mathematics, Matrix Analysis is applicable to a broad spectrum of disciplines including operations research, mathematical physics, statistics, economics, and engineering disciplines. It is hoped that graduate students as well as researchers in mathematics, engineering, physics, economics and other interdisciplinary areas will find the combination of current and classical results and operator inequalities presented within this monograph particularly useful.

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Titre Advances in Matrix Inequalities
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Date de publication 11/07/2021

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