Traumatic Brain Injury Science, Practice, Evidence and Ethics

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This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the contemporary management of all aspects of traumatic brain injury (TBI), combining the findings of several recent randomised controlled trials investigating the role of hypothermia, erythropoietin, intracranial pressure monitoring and decompressive craniectomy in the management of TBI.

The book is divided into four sections: the first section covers the epidemiology of TBI, the changing global patterns of presentation, and the basic pathophysiology and classification, while the second discusses contemporary management of TBI, from pre-hospital care, emergency assessment, and medical and surgical management to rehabilitation and social reintegration. The third section then examines the evidence gained from recent clinical trials that have investigated the efficacy of management strategies involving intracranial pressure monitoring, multimodal monitoring, hypothermia, erythropoietin, thromboembolic prophylaxis and decompressive craniectomy. Lastly, the fourth section explores the ethical issues, both at the societal level and on an individual basis.

Written by a broad range of experts, this book provides a valuable reference resource for neurosurgeons, intensivists, clinicians with ethical experience and pure bioethicists in their daily work.

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Titre Traumatic Brain Injury - Science, Practice, Evidence and Ethics
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