Lie Algebras and Algebraic Groups

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The theory of groups and Lie algebras is interesting for many reasons. In the mathematical viewpoint, it employs at the same time algebra, analysis and geometry. On the other hand, it intervenes in other areas of science, in particularindi?erentbranchesofphysicsandchemistry.Itisanactivedomain of current research. Oneofthedi?cultiesthatgraduatestudentsormathematiciansinterested in the theory come across, is the fact that the theory has very much advanced, andconsequently,theyneedtoreadavastamountofbooksandarticlesbefore they could tackle interesting problems. One of the goals we wish to achieve with this book is to assemble in a single volume the basis of the algebraic aspects of the theory of groups and Lie algebras. More precisely, we have presented the foundation of the study of ?nite-dimensional Lie algebras over an algebraically closed ?eld of characteristic zero. Here, the geometrical aspect is fundamental, and consequently, we need to use the notion of algebraic groups. One of the main di?erences between this book and many other books on the subject is that we give complete proofs for the relationships between algebraic groups and Lie algebras, instead of admitting them. We have also given the proofs of certain results on commutative al- bra and algebraic geometry that we needed so as to make this book as se- contained as possible. We believe that in this way, the book can be useful for both graduate students and mathematicians working in this area. Let us give a brief description of the material treated in this book.

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Titre Lie Algebras and Algebraic Groups
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