Harlequin Comics: A Fragile Beauty

éditeur : Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.
catégorie : Bd et Humour
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"Vicki, you're as beautiful as the spirits of the night. Will you marry me?" Vicki was given this passionate proposal by Claudio Varelli, the second son of a prominent, wealthy Italian family. However, three months later, the day before they are to announce their engagement, Claudio's brother, Maurizio, informs her, "You are going to marry me." Vicki plummets from the peak of happiness to the depths of darkness. In the end, Vicki is persuaded by Maurizio saying, "This is the only way to save both you and the Varelli family," and she begins her married life with him. Maurizio's love engulfs her like a gentle hug, but Vicki's heart is always full of uneasiness. Maurizio! Do you pity me ? Do you love me ? Or are you just trying to protect your family's reputation ? Vicki begins "a journey to find true love" on the set of a lavish household befitting that of a wealthy Italian family...

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Titre Harlequin Comics: A Fragile Beauty
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Editeur Harlequin/SB Creative Corp.
Langue EN
Date de publication 01/01/2000

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