Globalization, Population, and Regional Growth in the Knowledge-Based Economy

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This book clarifies how globalization, progress in the knowledge-based economy, and demographic change affect regional economic growth, using the latest analytical methods for economic growth. In the last 30 years, Asian countries have realized remarkable economic growth and are expected to become major growth centers of the world economy in the future. On the other hand, many researchers and policy makers point out that the Asian economy will face numerous challenges to sustain its growth. Specifically, globalization, realization of the knowledge-based economy, and population decline will bring about major changes in the structure of the Asian economy.

This book provides the reader with the analytical framework to investigate how these structural changes affect regional economic growth. Moreover, the book covers topics such as foreign direct investment, quality of institutions, intergenerational conflict, education policies, and household fertility decision, all of which are comprehensively explained from the point of view of economic growth. Therefore, the scope of this volume is not only contemporary but also important for going beyond the usual regional economics and growth literature. This work is highly recommended to academic researchers and students who are interested in various aspects of regional economic growth.

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Titre Globalization, Population, and Regional Growth in the Knowledge-Based Economy
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