This volume contains the following 50 works, arranged alphabetically by authors’ last names:

Asquith, Cynthia: “The Corner Shop”
Benson, E. F.: “Caterpillars”
Benson, E. F.: “The Face”
Bierce, Ambrose: “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
Bierce, Ambrose: “The Middle Toe of the Right Foot”
Blackwood, Algernon: “The Willows”
Bowen, Marjorie: “Scoured Silk”
Braddon, M. E.: “The Shadow in the Corner”
Burke, Thomas: “The Hands of Mr. Ottermole”
Burrage, A. M.: “Smee”
Burrage, A. M.: “The Sweeper”
Chambers, Robert W.: “The Repairer of Reputations”
Cobb, Irvin S.: “Fishhead”
Crawford, F. Marion: “The Screaming Skull”
Daubeny, Ulric: “The Sumach”
Dickens, Charles: “The Signal-Man”
Doyle, Arthur Conan: “The Case of Lady Sannox”
Dunsany, Lord: “Distressing Tale of Thangobrind the Jeweler”
Edwards: Amelia B.: “The Four-Fifteen Express”
Edwards, Amelia B.: “The Phantom Coach”
Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins: “Luella Miller”
Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins: “The Shadows on the Wall”
Harvey, W. F.: “Across the Moors”
Harvey, W. F.: “The Beast with Five Fingers”
Hawthorne, Nathaniel: “The Ambitious Guest”
Hawthorne, Nathaniel: “Young Goodman Brown”
Hichens, Robert: “How Love Came to Professor Guildea”
Hodgson, William Hope: “The Shamraken Homeward-Bounder”
Jacobs, W. W.: “The Monkey’s Paw”
James, Henry: “The Turn of the Screw”
James, M. R.: “Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad”
James, M. R.: “The Treasure of Abbot Thomas”
Kafka, Franz: “In the Penal Colony”
Keller, David H.: “The Thing in the Cellar”
Kuttner, Henry: “The Graveyard Rats”
Le Fanu, J. Sheridan: “Carmilla”
Lovecraft, H. P.: “At the Mountains of Madness”
Lovecraft, H. P.: “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”
Lovecraft, H. P.: “The Call of Cthulhu”
Machen, Arthur: “The Great God Pan”
Nesbit, Edith: “The Shadow”
O’Sullivan, Vincent: “When I Was Dead”
Poe, Edgar Allan: “The Pit and the Pendulum”
Poe, Edgar Allan: “The Tell-Tale Heart”
Preston, Guy: “The Inn”
Ronan, Margaret: “Finger Finger”
Saki: “Gabriel-Ernest”
Saki: “The Open Window”
Steele, Wilbur Daniel: “The Woman at Seven Brothers”
Stevenson, Robert Louis: “The Body-Snatcher”

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