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Discover the amazing life of a member of the most talended msucial family: Jermaine Jackson !

Eclectic, truly original, and a fully-fledged artist, Jermaine Jackson is the fourth child of the world’s most famous musical family. To the same degree as his brothers and sisters, he is an icon of soul music and American pop. A gifted singer, bass player, dancer, author, composer, actor, business man and producer, he produced songs for the young Whitney Houston’s first album, sales of which have reached more than 30 million copies to this day. He was co-leader of the Jackson 5 with his brother, the legendary Michael, and was the artist with whom Michael most often sang duos. Jermaine was the first member of his family to actively pursue a solo career and remains to this day the only member of the Jackson family to have performed live at the White House, in 1985. For the last 50 years he has enjoyed a rich and varied artistic career and continues to be involved in a large number of projects. He has fifteen albums to his name as well, has toured solo throughout the world, and continues to live out his artistic dreams, first conceived in childhood. This biography will shed light on the artist that Michael Jackson referred to as his first important influence and that Barry White would come to call brother : Jermaine Jackson

B.A. Duffour share everything you should know about the man that produced the first album of Whitney Houston and was a member of the exceptional band : the Jackson Five !

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