Pre Big Bang – Big Bang – After Big Bang The Verses of the Scholars – Volume III

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That's it, the answer is there! What did he have before the Big-bang? That's the question everyone has been asking since the discovery of the Big-bang a hundred years ago. No astrophysicist has been able to give a convincing answer. When I discovered that the Big-bang is biblical, despite the fact that the Belgian abbot Georges Lemaitre, the founding father of this theory was unaware of this, I knew directly that the Pre-Big-bang should also be hidden in the Bible.
While scientists are constantly questioning the universe for its discovery, I bring all the ingredients in a tray, with a new cosmological model for astrophysicists to look into. This is the Universal Cosmological Model; approved by itself by the Creator of the cosmos, as being the only scheme on which the universe appeared.
Only reading will convince you and not my arguments.

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Titre Pre Big Bang – Big Bang – After Big Bang - The Verses of the Scholars – Volume III
Editeur Librinova
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Date de publication 01/04/2021

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