Cosmology According to Biblical and Ancient Models The Verses of the Scholars - Volume I

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This book is not a textbook of religion, but rather the results of 10 years of research that led me to discover that the story of the biblical creation is true. This story comes to us from the papyrus and the author attributes all manifestations to the divine will. Putting God's name in evidence, and scientifically rendering each verse, I found myself with a scientific scheme similar to the Model of String, developed by the Italian physicist Gabriele Veneziano.
This restitution of the biblical scheme of creation, I called it "the Universal Cosmological Model". At first I knew nothing about cosmology or astronomy. My curiosity to find out why the biblical scheme of creation was thrown away by scientists led me to research this story in depth. It made me discover that all the great structures that scientists have discovered and continue to discover about the universe have already been revealed in this biblical scheme of creation.
In this first part, namely the introduction to the pre-Big-bang, we wanted to prepare scientists to understand the biblical language and non-scientists to understand the scientific language. This took us up to the fifth chapter. The discovery of structure from before Big-bang to Big-bang begins from chapter VI.
I leave it to those in the field to judge for themselves the results of my research, which is spread over the other volumes of the collection of books "The Verses of the Scholars".

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Titre Cosmology According to Biblical and Ancient Models - The Verses of the Scholars - Volume I
Editeur Librinova
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